I take my profession extremely seriously. Over the last 5+ years of full service sex work my health has been my top priority. I would never knowingly compromise anyone's health under any circumstance.

I will continue to see a limited number of clients during this time. I have been very stringent with social distancing. I see no reason to cease working when I come into contact with significantly less people than anyone working retail or any other job that requires them to leave their home.

If you or anyone in your household are immunocompromised, please take appropriate precautions. I do not know my clients situations, nor is it my responsibility to be accountable for your actions. Only you can decide if you are comfortable continuing to see sexworkers during this time.

Even under normal circumstances I take pride in having a spotless incall. Rest assured my space is cleaned and sanitized regularly.

This is a weird, unprecedented time for us all. My heart goes out to all of my amazing clients who aren't currently making in-person dates or who are not located in Edmonton. Absence makes the heart grow fonder... Right? Stay healthy and stay safe!

xoxo Ashlynn

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