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To make the booking process as smooth as possible, please use this template:

"Hi Ashlynn. My name is [NAME]. I am [AGE]. I saw your ad on [X]. I would like to see you [DAY] at [TIME] for [X] hour(s) in [CITY]. I would like the [X] package. I will require [INCALL/OUTCALL]. Thank you."




For new clients who wish to pre-book more than 24 hours in advance, a deposit of $100 per hour booked is required at my discretion. Clients who use VOIP numbers or text apps are always required to pay a deposit. Deposits can be paid via:

  • E-transfer (preferred)

  • Paypal

  • Pre-Paid Vanilla Visa

  • Credit Card via Square Link

  • Amazon Gift Card (please note that Amazon cards will not count towards the session total)

"But I've been scammed before ***cries***, you will retire off my $100!!!" My reputation speaks for itself and I would not compromise that for $100.

A deposit is not always required for same-day bookings while I am on tour, so feel free to try your luck. However, my schedule fills up rather quickly, so I cannot guarantee availability.

Other Screening

Deposits are always my preferred method of screening, but I may consider other options at my discretion. For instance, I may ask for a reference from a reputable provider or check your posting history on CAF instead of a deposit.


Life happens, I get it! If you provide me with 48+ hours notice, I will return your deposit in full. However, if you cancel with 24-48 hours notice, you will forfeit your deposit. If you cancel on the same day, I reserve the right to charge you 50-100% of the total fee. Failure to pay this cancellation fee will result in your inability to book with me in the future until you have paid.

In the unlikely event that I need to cancel, I will either reschedule our appointment or return your deposit in full.

Please note that no-shows are not tolerated, and if you fail to show up for our appointment, you will be blocked and blacklisted.

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