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I have seen this amazing human 3 times. 1st time solo, 2nd and 3rd times for threesomes with different partners. She is absolutely one of the finest, sexiest, most gregarious, highly intelligent and personable people you will ever meet in any context in your entire life. She will make you feel right at home. She will make you feel like you've known her for years. She is an absolute professional and very obviously loves what she does. I cannot stress enough that if she happens to be available in your city, book her immediately, especially but not necessarily if you happen to have a girlfriend who is on the fence about having a threesome. My partner and I's evening couldn't have been better with Ashlynn. She made my girlfriend feel totally at ease, super sexy and ready to play for her 1st time with a woman and with group play. Unicorn hunting is generally a waste of time. Ashlynn is not, whether you are flying solo or with a galpal.10/10, will see her again next time. Freaking amazeballs.


I have had the pleasure of seeing Ashlynn in the past. We spoke about a fantasy that I had. It involved me being tied up, and listening to her get fucked by another guy in a different room. A few text messages back and forth and she informed me that she had someone lined up. I arrived at her incall, and was told to get naked. She tied me to her bed. It wasn’t very long and I could hear the two of them chatting, then I could hear her giving him a blow job. She would call out occasionally asking how I was doing, and making sure I could hear ok. The LG was at full attention. To hear them fucking in the next room was amazing. When she was done with him she came to see me, she teased and tortured me until I exploded.

Thanks Ashlynn, and your stunt cock. I really enjoyed this experience. Maybe next time you guys will let me watch. 


Had a great recent visit with Adore Ashlynn...

Going to her great incall location with a bunch of nerves and excitement with what was to come.
Was immediately blown away with the beauty that greeted me with such a smile and so happy to see I brought some gifts to spoil her with.
Incall was clean and nice looking place with great offerings to clean up and get ready in the bathroom for your shower.
Also, being a cat person. Loved meeting her wonderful kitty name Gary as well.
All of my nerves had disappeared as we got to know each other some more with a massage.
No need to spill the details of the rest of the evening, but Ashlynn was amazing and had made a great connection.
Ended up being the best SP that I have seen through my samplings so far yet.
Of course YMMV. Though I truly understand the reviews and glad to have met Ashlynn.
Thank you CAF.
Definitely a must repeat for me.



On Tuesday when Edmonton plunged into a deep freeze, I thought the warmest place in the City would be "behind Wal-Mart"...pun intended. I have seen Ashlynn many times, I must admit that I'm in love with her personality, her professionalism, and of course her bootyful peach. Ashlynn is of course a gorgeous lady, friendly, sexually confident and engaging. You could tell that she is extremely passionate by nature. A session with Ashlynn is an opportunity to cut loose, to be pampered and to recharge.

But if I was to brave that blizzard, it would have to be for Ashlynn and Blake Lovely to pop my duo cherry. I was literally on cloud nine from the moment I walked in and got a warm welcome from both ladies. Blake Lovely and Ashlynn are besties and you could see the ease of interaction between the two. Blake Lovely is equally gorgeous, has a great sense of humor just like Ashlynn and definitely has a beautiful peach to worship.

The session was an experience to live...two PAWGs pampering you and making your the center of the attention.

Thanks so much Ashlynn and Blake Lovely for making my dream a reality. Wishing you a happy holidays and we'll definitely do this again!


Saw her today , 10/10 experience hot as hell, super nice and chill girl def would repeat

Absolute beauty

Think I fell in love with an escort today lol


I met with Adore Ashlynn recently and was thoroughly impressed. She's gorgeous and very accommodating to requests, both during and after the session. Professional girl who is worth the money. I look forward to the pleasure of meeting with her again. Her "porn star experience" package isn't kidding around.


I had the joy of seeing Ashlynn last week for the first time. Nothing new that hasn’t already been said, but it was a great time at a great location. Thanks Ashlynn!



I had the privilege to meet Ashlynn again in July. With all of her stellar reviews, she doesn't need any further accolades. Nonetheless, Ashlynn is so gorgeous, has an easy going personality and makes you the center of the attention.

Thanks so much Ashlynn 🤗



How do I even start this? Ashlynn has ZERO words to describe her because nothing in the English language does her justice. I'm not going to mention any details of my time with her only because secretly I kind of want her to myself 🤣 however I know that you can't keep a thoroughbred like her fenced in. Her talents are extraordinary, fulfill every ache in your body and your mind, and her personality has substance like no other. All you folks better treat her like royalty or I'll have to come around and knock some heads. Hahahaha! She has honestly ended my search for the ideal SP, but that definition really sells her short. She is a full-on professional in the ranks of the 1%. Typically I'm just in a rush to get in and out, but I knew looking through her galleries and reading her Twitter feed that she would be worth it and then some. I'd even pay just to hang with her and enjoy the day. Ashlynn - I hate you and love you for ruining my thirst for sexual adventure and stumbling upon someone as fantastic and mesmerizing as you. Go see this girl! She truly is THE BEST in the business. I WILL be seeing her again repeatedly as much as possible!


This is the second time I’ve seen Ashlynn and it was like amazing time and one of the best companionships that I’ve been fortunate to experience. Can’t wait for her to come again to Northern AB so I can enjoy her amazing personality and warming hospitality. Have a great tour and hope to see you again.


Not going to say too much but she is a beauty. She was cool, chill, considerate to an old man......just a perfect partner
Amazing provider and even better person.......thank you Ashlynn!!!


Ashlynn was my first Caf sp. She was amazing, very skilled and incredible beautiful. I had a very great time with her, booking and everything was so easy. She made me feel so at ease, helped me with getting a profile set up and such. I so look forward to meeting her again.


I had the good fortune of meeting Ashlynn this week after overcoming some scheduling issues. Without a doubt Ashlynn is a first class CAF lady as her pictures are accurate, the incall is great, her website extremely informative and she delivers an experience with alot of energy.
She can deliver everything from a vanilla session to a no holds barred restrained and blindfolded session which I did partake in for the first time, leading to an unbelievable edging session. Ashlynn's oral skills are amazing infront of her large mirror which I finally got to view when the blindfold came off and watching her ass bounce in doggy brought me to a grand finish.
Thank you Ashlynn, that was awesome and maybe next time I will get you in the restraints. Definitely a repeat for me.


Hey all,

Had the pleasure of meeting Ashlynn while she was in Lloyd. Tough to add more to her already numerous great reviews, but just wanted to say that she was more than accommodating with my requests. The session felt like fwb, which was absolutely fantastic.

Take care!






I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a couple of sessions with a woman as amazing as Ashlynn. The first was my first time ever and was was treated with respect and understanding. She was able to walk me thru anything I had questions about and was caring during the entire process. I didn’t understand how much anxiety I had and was able to relax around her without feeling judgement towards my lack of experience.

She’s stunning in person and has a personality to match. Quick witted and easy going she’s an excellent choice for any experience level.





Hey everybody!

I was lucky enough to spend several hours with Ashlynn on her most recent visit to Saskatoon and it was hands down one of the best experiences I was fortunate enough to have. I was late to begin with, she easily forgave my tardiness and gave me a very memorable experience which was filled with passion, laughter, and orgasms among many other things. Her easy going nature, self deprecating humor and dynamite curves provided a experience that wont be forgotten.

Her reviews speak for herself but any gentleman who has the opportunity to spend time with this talented woman I would highly recommend time with her. Dont let her social media fool you shes one of the nicest ladies I have had the privilege to spend time with. I can only hope to spend more time with her in the future.




I know Ashlynn couple of years back, pictures are her, she updates the pictures frequently, I don’t see her old pictures in the current ads. She is beautiful, young, amazing attitude. She is exactly what you see, and more. Moreover, she is a friend and a coach; she was the first one introduced me the caf when Crags list was very fishy. I always look for a time to go back to her.



I had the absolute chance of meeting Ashlynn yesterday.
I totally agree with JokersWild, she's a gem.
I am quite shy and she made me feel comfortable right from the start.
I think I'll be dreaming of her wonderful curves for the next few days.

All I hope for, is that she comes back on her next tour




I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with the very Adorable Ashlynn while she was in Winnipeg.

She is very naturally beautiful with a gorgeous face and has the smoothest porcelain skin on all her soft womanly curves.
She is super chill and has a very cool witty sense of humor that will put you at ease from the second she opens her door to her incall.

I opted with a safe GFE package which was fantastic and she treated me like a rock star.
Very nice incall and super easy booking procedure with perfect flawless communication.

If Adore Ashlynn is in your city do not hesitate to get the chance to go see her because she is totally worth the experience of getting to spend time with her!!
Good times!!


Let me first start off with WOW! I had such an amazing time with this awesome lady.

Secondly, for those of you that dont already follow Ashlynn on Twitter, what are you waiting for? Go follow her there and show some love. Its where you can get a lot taste of what you will get yourself into.

As some of you may already know, Ashlynn was just recently on a tour down this way that kinda needed to be cut short. Shes showing us some love, and is actually going to be coming back next month. If you want to know when, go check out her website. It has all the important details that you will need.

As many of you may already know, Ashlynn was going through a very rough few days. We had originally scheduled our rendezvous for Saturday, but due to the complete and utter crap that was going on, we rescheduled for Sunday morning. Knowing that what shes going through would be very stressful, I decided to pick up a nice bouquet of flowers to try and brighten her day. Even though gifts are not necessary, I think this one really helped.

I could get into all the explicit details, but Im not going to do that. What I will say, Ashlynn definitely knows what shes doing, and enjoys doing it. The conversation was amazing as well. Im sure she will have a few more stories to tell next time.

Finally, on a more personal note, thank you for the amazing time Ashlynn. Im so sorry you had to go through that situation. Hopefully, Gary is doing ok through all of this as well. Im certainly looking forward to enjoying a redo rendezvous when you return.




I had the pleasure of meeting Ashlynn when she was in Calgary. Communication to set up the appointment was easy. She is beautiful with a personality and attitude to match her beauty. Conversation with her was great and very pleasant. Best of all was the service; it was so good it felt surreal. I now have a new addiction; meeting Ashlynn everytime she is in town.


This review is a few days late but I met Ashlynn & Mila Lovely while they were in Lloyd a few days ago for my first ever duo and it was an experience that I wont soon forget. They started by giving me an amazing back rub. Once the fun began they worked me together and separately in multiple positions. I wont go into any more detail but both of these ladies are absolutely incredible and worth seeing together or either one on their own. I highly recommend them both and I cant wait to see them again!!!


Yesterday I had the priveledge to meet Ashlynn. As this was my first time meeting an escort I was nervous to say the least. It began with the process of booking a time slot that worked for both of us which was very simple to do. The morning of the meeting I purchaced some of Ashlynn's favorite likes (Fresh flowers, a couple gift cards. Come on gentlemen pampering is okay). I arrived a few minutes early to make sure I wasn't late. I was buzzed in and the elevator ride seemed to take for ever. I knocked on the door and was greeted by the most gorgeous woman I have seen in a long time. But not only is Ashlynn beautiful, she is very intellegent and genuine. After introductions, I had a quick shower to be as clean as possible. Now some back ground info of me, I had been with only one woman my whole life and I was really nervous, Ashlynn was so easy to talk to that by the time she gave me a massage I was relaxed. I'm not going to go into great detail of what happen next as i'll leave that to your imagination. But there are a few things I will mention. First, the BJ that Ashlynn performed was mind blowing (it was my first ever and I will remember it for ever). And second Ashlynn keeps her self impecably groomed (That was the first time I ever went down on a woman that was cleanly groomed, was absolutely the amazing). Thirdly her skin is like silk and worth exploring head to toe. My time with her was amazing. I am hoping in the future we may meet up again.

Another thing, I am from the older generation (late 40's) and when I book a meeting with somebody I show up. Gentlemen have the dignity to show up or at least give these women the respect they deserve and phone or text to cancel. Dont do a coward's way of getting out of the meeting by not showing up. Not Cool.

(See I'm man enough to put my name)


I had the pleasure of finally seeing Ashlynn yesterday. She was amazing. A wonderfully bubbly personality, great demeanor, and she was quite good at what she did. We seemed to have good chemistry and she has been honestly one of the best that I've ever been with.

She's gorgeous and perfectly curvy. I think I've found one of the ladies I'll be seeing on a regular basis





This afternoon I was able to get together with Ashlynn for an afternoon visit. Her incall was easy to find and Ashlynn made me feel comfortable right from the start. The conversation was almost as good as the rest of the visit. I had a been wanting to see her for awhile and I’m glad I did; I had great time with Ashlynn and definitely recommend visiting her.





Meant to post this review while she was still in town but got too busy. Hopefully she’s coming back to town soon.

Ashlynn is great. She had an incall not too far from me in Downtown so I went over to her place. I got a warm greeting and we jumped right into things. This was different for me because I feel like there’s usually more talking. She gave me a massage to start and we just kept moving along.

I went for the UGFE package listed on her website and acronyms were delivered as promised and quite skillfully. She’s young so she has the youthful enthusiasm but also a mature demeanor which I appreciated. She’s attractive with a pretty face, funny, responsive, and appreciative. I would repeat if our paths crossed again.




I had a pleasure meeting Ashlynn in PA last night. My first time with a natural redhead and curvy lady. Another check on my 'To Do' list.
Booking was easy and her websites says it all.
I find her charming. There is a slight change as compared to what she post on ads and on her website BUT she will surely make your money worth.
She's very submissive and would love to give-in on most of your requests<depends on the package you choose>.
I am a kisser and a giver BUT when it was her time to give, it was the best feeling ever. There was a moment that we were both working at each other which was a thing to remember.
We had a chat and a short laugh after the session. Before I head out the door, I leaned on her for LFK and smiled. :-)

Overall, whole hh was very satisfying and I was able to get a long sleep that night.

Thanks Ashlynn :-)


Ashlynn was in town about a week ago, and had the pleasure of meeting her while she was visiting.
Lovely redhead who enjoys what she does. Easy to talk to and get a hold of.
Hopefully more ladies will come up here, as it's been quite here lately she was saying.
hopefully reviews like this will help.
Thanks for a great time Ashlynn, come again.



Last night I spent an amazing hour with Ashlynn, and I have to say she is amazing. There was some rescheduling that had to happen, but it was 100% worth the wait.

Texting her to set things up was easy. She was also very good about talking with me about what I wanted, and how to make things go smooth on the night.

Arriving to her place on the night I was greeted by an absolutely beautiful and curvaceous woman. We talked for a bit as she helped me get over my nerves, which lead into a very nice message.

What happened next I won't go into too much detail, but I will say that she gave me the absolute best blow job I have ever received. The whole time was filled with pleasure from top to bottom, and a lot of visuals that I will remember for later.

In between moments of pure ecstasy we chatted about various things. She is a lot of fun to just talk and hang out with. A true pleasure.

So I would 100% recommend spending time with Ashlynn if you get the chance. I know I will be next time she comes around.




I managed to see Ashlynn on one of her recent visits from Edmonton. I tend not to see ladies that tour but I made an exception for Ash, I think its because I found her pictures intriguing. I usually prefer candid pictures than pro shots, but she had good reviews and I liked her comments and responses on the website. Ashlynn was no disappointment.
The place Ash managed to rent was nice enough but the bed was absolutely comical. Certainly no reflection on Ash but the bed had the firmness of a marshmallow. Once one of us laid on the bed the sheets outlined a vortex that sucked anything else into the middle. I am not the most well hung but achieving my favourite position (inside) was a bit more of a challenge than I am used to.
Otherwise Ash is a real doll. She is easy to talk to, friendly and very attractive. She brought with her an arrangement of toys but that isn’t my bag. Should I have the opportunity to see her in Edmonton I would not hesitate.
(thanks for the joke Ash :) )



I had the pleasure of visiting Ashlynn while she was touring in Calgary. I'll leave this review here, as I know she is based in Edmonton. This was my first experience with a companion

I found the booking process to be smooth and easy; she was very responsive and open to answering some of my 'newbie' questions. Communication was prompt, clear, and punctual; very professional. I was definitely nervous as soon as I walked in the room, and Ashlynn was really good about helping me relax and get comfortable. She is very sweet and attentive, easy to talk to and has a great sense of humour! I found her to be very intelligent and open, which is a big turn on for me. I felt really comfortable with her quite quickly, and overall feel that I really got the 'GFE' experience with her.

I couldn't imagine a better person to be with for my first time; I highly recommend! Also, dat booty is to die for!

10/10, would spank again



Need to add to this as I saw Ashlynn recently and had a great time. I opted for one of her more specific packages and was very happy. She’s a sweet young lady who has the best quirky senses of humour I have ever experienced. Everything was smooth for booking and such.

Great condo and we were off to a laughing yet sultry time and some serious naughtiness. Ashlyn is a bit submissive so that was an interesting and new take for me. She’s fun lady with great skills and personality. Also a great twitter follow.

I echo what the OP said about her and I left very happy.




Hello fellow pooners! This is my first review as I have been lurking around for sometime.

To start, I originally booked a session with both Ashlynn and her duo partner, Angel Snow. Unfortunately, Angel was not able to come to the city but I was able to easily reschedule a session with just Ashlynn. This lady's personality was one of the best I've dealt with in terms of making you comfortable and easing any nervousness. Now to the session! We started out with some LFK, but soon moved on to the main event. After all was done, she gave me a quick massage and we chatted. It was like picking up with someone from my past, that's how comfortable I was. I would definitely repeat when she makes her way back. Treat her well boys!!!



This past weekend my boyfriend and I saw Adorable Ashlynn when we were on vacation in Edmonton.

Our interest was piqued by the submission rate she offers on her website. Once in contact with Ashlynn, we were pleased to find out that she would book us in for a couple's service. This was my first experience with a SP, and I am verrrry picky about the girls that I like. So I could barely believe my eyes when I stumbled across her website! It was especially important for me to book in with a girl in similar age range.

Ashlynn was very friendly and accommodating throughout the booking process, and even allowed us to push our appointment start-time back by 30 minutes.

Once we arrived to her incall suite, my initial anxiety quickly faded away. Ashlynn has an incredibly warm demeanour and a great sense of humour! The three of us had a lot of laughs and chuckles that night. She was a very attentive host, always ensuring that my drink was topped up. She also let me have control of the music selection during our session.

The session started with some light making out. Ashlynn has the most kissable lips and titties. I thoroughly enjoyed playing in her perfect pink pussy. We booked in for a submission package because I wanted to spank the shit out of her. She took a lot of good spanking, but I ultimately scaled it back quite a bit because Ashlynn is so beautiful that I just wanted to please her and make her feel good.

Ashlynn gave it her all to adhere to my bossy demands. She gave my big natural titties a lot of attention. You could tell she was really enjoying herself. I also enjoyed some deep fisting from her. At one point, both her and my boyfriend's hands were stuffed inside of my pussy. It was AWESOME.

Ashlynn was very respectful about any rules my boyfriend and I might have set in place for the session. Because she was such a good girl, to finish off, I let my boyfriend face fuck her with her head dangling off the side of the bed.

Ashlynn was not an intense clock watcher and never made me feel rushed. She is beyond VFM.

I couldn't believe that her age was actually as advertised. She is wise beyond her years, and I thought for sure she would have been closer to my age (mid 20s). She is even more stunning in real life than in her pictures - if you can believe it. She's got a bangin' body too, and you can really tell how much she takes care of herself.

Ashlynn is a lovely woman inside and out. She deserves to be spoiled!!! I couldn't have imagined a better first experience with a SP.

We cannot wait to see her again.




I'm posting this review in the Edmonton section despite Ashlynn and I having a Calgary encounter, since she is based in Edmonton and it would probably be more useful to Edmonton people.

I met Ashlynn this morning at her airBNB that she was renting. She was incredibly accommodating, even though my schedule kept changing. When I arrived, I was greeted at the door by the same beautiful, busty girl I had seen in all the pictures on CAF.

Without getting into too many juicy details, our 60 minutes went by way too fast, and i was left feeling very satisfied. Ashlynn was as kind as she was beautiful, and our encounter was divine. Thanks for everything Ashlynn!





The stars aligned, and my schedule matched Ashlynn's visit to Calgary. I spent an hour with this sweetheart, and was ecstatic about the experience. The booking process was simple and straightforward, and her beltline incall was clean and comfortable. Both of us did worry about the bed, and wondering if it would hold up to us.

Out of respect for the ladies, and the fact that YMMV, I do not go into a blow by blow, stroke by stroke description of our time together, but suffice to say services were as advertised, pictures are definitely her. I will say the view in doggy (especially with the mirror in front of us) was something to behold.

I look forward to her next visit to Calgary, she is definitely someone I would like a repeat performance with (and maybe take her up on the offer to take my duo cherry!).


Today, I had the privilege to Christen Adorable Ashlynn's Pussy Palace.

About Ashlynn...well, it's writing on the wall. In case ya'll want to know more about her, she's currently doing the AMA.

Nonetheless, this is my Ashlynn 2.0 experience. Ashlynn makes you feel very comfortable. To me, she is like a long lost friend or lover. She is a multi-faceted beautiful lady, friendly, sexually confident and engaging. You could tell that she is extremely passionate by nature. A session with Ashlynn is an opportunity to cut loose, to be pampered and to recharge. Always a rewarding session with this cutie.

About the Pussy Palace, it's a wonderland, tucked away in an upscale neighborhood with ample parking spaces. The interior is squeaky clean and modern with an open space concept. Like a 5 star hotel, beverage offered upon arrival for hydration ahead of the most mesmerizing adventure. Then off to where the magic's a cozy room, with new furniture, AC and ambient lighting. And oh... that oversized bed... it's a requirement for a lady like Ashlynn with her Beautiful Big Bubble Boo-tay.

Thanks Ashlynn. I hope you like the gift.


I had a quick half hour appointment with this beautiful woman. She is beautiful, her body was perfect to me and her services are amazing. She offers bbbj, but as always ymmv. She was pleasant and the set up was easy. I hope to see her again very soon.


I saw Ashlynn last night in Regina. She’s a young, curvy girl who’s a great time.

She’s not a spinner, but I wouldn’t call her a bbw. She’s a curvy young gal, who certainly seems to enjoy what she does. The booking was as straightforward as her website indicates, and after a last minute adjustment because I got the hotel wrong (never assume you know which hotel is which is Regina), we were off to the races.

Her massage was relaxing, the service was exemplary and the two rounds we got through were nothing but fun!

Go see her, so she keeps Regina on her list of places to return to!

I saw in her Twitter feed that she did a duo with Audra, had I known that was an option, I’d have signed up for that!


I had this booked for a few weeks now, as I had only had a brief encounter with her before in a duo. I knew just from that encounter I would really like and click with her and I would have to have a longer session solo one day, today was that day.

Took off to Saskatoon, got to the incall location and went in. Now, she is totally cute n sexy as I remember her, but I was still drawn in by her beautiful eyes and seductive smile.

The room was damn nice and it had a jacuzzi which we both got in and enjoyed some wine while we talked n kissed before moving on to the bed. I went to pull the drain in the jacuzzi and just my luck, when I got back up I felt this sharp pain in my lower back...I had pulled the muscles that were already stiff from my workout a day ago! Ugh!!

Ashlynn tried to massage it out and even if it did feel a bit better, I was still in alot of pain, so I decided to tough it out and told her I felt good lol. Even though I was in pain and couldn't really move / bend my lower back I still did pretty good, although the last half she had to do most of the work.

This review isn't a XXX review like some of mine and it doesn't have to be (even if she is as kinky or more than me, as I've got to try some awesome new stuff) Ashlynn was worth the time and pain and I will always try to see her (minus the pulled back). She's still in Stoon until noon tomorrow so go meet this sweet, beautiful woman before she's back in Edmonton. I promise you, she will be one of your favorites.

Until next time Ash. Looking forward to even trying more new stuff : ) I'll always be remembering those words that you asked me if I wanted to do (I think my eyes lite up) and that experience forever.




I had the pleasure of meeting these two dynamos last night in Regina!
I had seen Ashlynn once before, and was anxiously awaiting her return.
Over the past year I have followed her on twitter and seen that she does an amazing and fully interactive duo with Aaliyah Angel, which had me salivating thinking about it!
Finally the stars aligned and these two amazing women graced our fair city!
Even being crazy busy and sleep deprived was not going to stop me from finally meeting up with these two for a straight up dream duo!
I was at ease the moment I walked in the door, both women are exactly as pictured, extremely personable, and downright beautiful. In keeping this PG, I will simply say that it was everything I had hoped it would be and more! It was an experience I would repeat every chance I get!
Thank you ladies for the memories!!

Guys don’t wait, you don’t want to miss out on these two amazing women!!



At last the stars lined up and I managed to see adorable Ashlynn and was I so glad I did . Booking a time slot went smoothly and headed up to her airport hotel with a high anticipation after seeing her Website and Twitter I had a idea that she was my type of girl and how right I was. Very cute girl next door look and great natural tits which I paid particular attention. Booked for a hour and as I not worried about the MSOG so one was enough for me and we talked for the last 25 mins. Awesome GFE Service and loves kissing which was a bonus for me. Curvy kind of girl with great naturals and an alround great down to earth Canadian girl and she can get down and dirty. I will definitely see her again and hopefully a duo with her friend.shame is does not live in Calgary but maybe a good thing because I would be broke.


WoW! What an amazing time! A duo with these babes was the most fun I've had in a long time and they are so awesome to talk to. I felt so comfortable and like I had known them for a while. One bucket list item I thought I would never cross off, a threesome. To anyone who never booked, man, that sucks for you lol. I am definitely seeing them again and will always.


Had a golden opportunity to meet the pretty and adorable and pizza lover Ashlynn today before she goes on a long hiatus. Brought a gift for her 4 sweet hearts . She was incredibly accommodating super sweet, and talented.

The conversation was casual and easy like I was talking to a good friend. Really enjoyed the massage to start our date. Then I got to play with her and lots of kisses all over, especially on her big juicy plump booty. She is a true definition of PAWG... that booty is so sweet and I'd worship it any day!

I appreciate that she plays safe and had a great time with her.

Thanks so much Ashlynn.


Just finished with a half hour session with Ashlynn which is the second time I have seen her and boy was it memorable, Firstly the hotel as Ashylnn puts it was super duper high end hotel and the room was top notch, I thought Donald trump would enter any minute. Lol. Anyway Ashlynn is insanely cute and that ass is worth the entrance money alone, Services are GFE and top notch and doggie was something to be seen. she is gone tomorrow and only visits every other month so I would recommend getting down to visit her before she is gone, I true gem.


First of all. I have to apologize to Ashlynn, for my "Faux Pas!" at the front door. Not very discreet on my part. No excuses!
I went up to the in-call. Ashlynn met me at the door wearing a black satin kimono. She looked beautiful! I took a shower as she requested.When I was done. A beautiful image was bestowed upon me. Ashlynn sat seductively on the bed. She wore a sexy black lingerie body suit andan inviting smile. Wow! Ashlynn is an alluring woman with beautiful curves, she radiates sexiness. Ashlynn has some very nice body art. We laid on the bed. We caressed, talked, and laughed. This was light hearted and fun. We carried on this rapport through out the session. I helped her remove her lingerie, kissing and caressing gleefully along my way. She was naked now, Sexy breast, Sexy ass, Sexy curves, Sexy body! Wow! again. Ashlynn gave me a relaxing oil massage. I then asked her if I could go down on her? "Yes" I licked, kissed, and sucked her delightful vulva, finding her rhythm. I was rewarded with her moans and body shivers. Such a turn on, I was rock hard now. We started in the missionary position to get accustomed to each other. We fit well together. "She's so sexy!"(I can't stop saying so.) Ashlynn rode me like a queen. Doggie was
was smashing! (Just liked the sound of that. I didn't go that hard. Honest.) We did missionary again, but this time she used a vibrator on her clit, she came again. What a beautiful sight and feeling for her and I. "So Sexy!" Ashlynn helped me finish by hand, this was wonderful and a bit messy.We cleaned off each other in the shower. I was able to study her body art some more. Quite beautiful. Can I say it again? Yes I'm writing this review.
"She's so sexy!" Ashlynn sent me off with a kiss and a hug, satisfied and in a very happy mood.

Thank you! Ashlynn; You are a luscious sexy woman.


I have saw Ashlynn several times. She is a beautiful red head with curves in all the right places. I was messaging with her one night and she mentioned her friend Blake Lovely(now retired) were having a duo.

Booking was easy and a very good time. The value in this review is Ashlynn. Always had amazing time with her and highly recommend



live, laugh, have fun &


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